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4th July 2020


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Mold Damage


Mold Damage Insurance Claims in Florida

Help with mold damage insurance claims in Florida

A public adjuster or an insurance broker will explain to a policy holder the limitations when it comes to mold coverage in an insurance policy. Mold is a nasty fungus that can take over a property and thrive in the most unsuspecting locations in a home or commercial property. Mold can be visible or invisible to the eye. In addition to the damage mold can do to a property it also has damaging effects on a person’s respiratory system. With all the detrimental effects that mold can have and its limitations in insurance policies, it’s vital that the mold be linked to water damage. Homeowner Claims Consultants can help you handle put together a mold damage insurance claim, let us call you. Above is a form where you can enter your phone number and we’ll get right to you.


Homeowners Claims Consultants Can Help You Make Your Mold Insurance Claim

Mold Damage Is a Complex Claim

Mold damage claims are complex, because of the mold exclusions or limitations that are found in most insurance policies. When our clients ask us for help settling a mold damage claim, our first priority is to investigate whether the mold damage can be linked to water damage for which a claim may be made under the insurance policy. If the mold took hold after a pipe burst or after water intrusion due to rain, then the mold damage claim may be tied to water damage, in which case we can make a strong argument that the mold exclusion should not apply.

Mold Damage Is Common In Miami
Mold is a common discovery in many Miami homes in Florida. Miami Dade and Broward County is a location in which moisture thrives and where moisture lives mold finds its place. Mold quickly develops when water enters a property, here’s a photo from the Wikipedia page regarding mold. You can see how quickly this takes over the property.


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